A ‘transformative’ workforce management and training platform

‘Transform’, described by the company as ‘the world’s most technologically advanced, cloud-based workforce management and training platform’, has been launched into the healthcare sector by 3t Energy Group.

ICU clinicians turn to mobile technology in fight against COVID-19

Over 40 intensive care clinicians at a Surrey hospital have been using mobile technology to safeguard staff and patients, maximise use of limited personal protective equipment (PPE), and save time in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

‘Stress-free, hassle-free, adhesive-free’ – Forbo’s Fast Fit

Forbo’s Fast Fit collection comprises a range of its adhesive free flooring solutions, which have been developed for quick and easy installations for minimal disruptions – perfect for healthcare facilities where downtime is not an option.

Nurse call systems recommissioned in just 16 days

When the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust decided to re-open three wards at Leeds General Infirmary in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, long-standing supplier, Static Systems Group, recommissioned the nurse call solutions in all three in 16 days.

High availablity and power efficiency

Healthcare estates need highly available, extremely efficient power for their clinical, administrative, and emergency services.

‘New generation’ of hygiene flush boxes

The technical requirements for the implementation of automated flushing processes are as varied as the influences of building use on drinking water installations.

‘Next generation, no-touch’ UV disinfection technology

Howorth Air Technology says its UV-Clean technology can eliminate ‘99.9%’ of pathogens on ‘high touch’ surfaces such as computer keyboards and screens.

Ceiling supply unit ‘a perfect solution for changing needs’

Getinge says its new Maquet Moduevo Bridge is ‘a cost-effective, space-saving’ horizontal ceiling supply unit designed ‘to accommodate architectural constraints’, enhance patient / medical staff interaction, and ‘foster a healing environment'.

Radiology equipment investment at Peterborough’s newest hospital

Althea – reportedly the world’s largest managed service and maintenance provider – has delivered a major radiology equipment investment at Peterborough City Hospital, including three DR X-ray rooms with Samsung equipment. The rooms incorporate GC85 and GC70 digital radiology equipment selected for its reliability. Samsung describes the GC85 as ‘a fully automated, digital suite designed to reduce physical stress on users, increase patient output, and deliver superb quality images’.

Entrance mats encourage social distancing

Forbo Flooring Systems has launched ‘an array of services, guidelines, and a new product’ to assist specifiers, contractors and facility managers ‘throughout these challenging times’. Its new a range of Coral logo entrance flooring mats are designed to encourage social distancing and prevent unnecessary slips. There is a choice of four clear and informative designs to choose from, ‘offered at a special price’.

Rada providing critical support in fight against COVID-19

Washroom controls specialist, Rada, says it is working with critical care facilities to support staff and ‘help the NHS win the fight against COVID-19’.

‘Ground-breaking’ air disinfection system for dental practices

Eschmann Technologies has launched a ‘a revolutionary’ air disinfection system to help protect dentists against the spread of airborne viruses such as COVID-19. The portable air disinfection units use patented plasma technology to eradicate pathogens. Eschmann said: “Novaerus reduces the amount of bioburden in the air, in turn reducing surface bacteria, infections, and odours.” Air is drawn into the units by the internal fan, where contaminants ‘are rapidly and safely destroyed at DNA level’ by an ultra-low energy plasma field generated by an internal coil. ‘Healthy air, free of all contaminants’, is then returned to the room.

Kentec systems protect Glasgow coronavirus hospital against fire risk

Sigma XT gas suppression panels from Kent-based life-critical control system manufacturer, Kentec Electronics, are protecting staff and patients at the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital in Glasgow at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC), which has a 500-bed capacity for COVID-19 beds.

Portable wide-area sanitiser for virus decontamination

A hand-held sanitiser that uses ultra-violet (UV) light to inactivate biomolecules and microorganisms including coronavirus Covid-19 has been developed by Oxfordshire UV technologist and manufacturer, Integration Technology. A high-power portable UVC rapid sanitiser, the compact, lightweight SubZero RS-170 is designed for use on all surfaces in applications posing a high risk of public cross-contamination.

Bender ‘clinical solutions’ on NHS Supply Chain Framework

Bender UK sys its ‘clinical solutions’ are now available to purchase on the NHS Supply Chain framework, which started on 14 April 2020, and will run for a minimum of 23 months. The framework is designed to offer an effective route to market for clinical technologies, ‘at highly competitive prices’, to provide ‘a whole theatre solution’ for clinical procurement, EBME, and Capital Projects teams.

Can Far Infrared heating combat fight COVID-19?

Technology company, IOBAC, is calling for help to explore the potential for Far Infrared (FIR) heating to help prevent and fight RNA viruses, including coronavirus (COVID-19), following its recent investigation into the availability of scientific studies on ‘the proven health benefits’ of FIR. The company said: “This research unearthed a landmark pre-print study from En-Jing, Li (from the Office of Environmental Protection and Office of Radiation Protection, Peking) and Wei-Hong Huang (of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Developmental Biology), published in February, ‘Instability of Nucleic Acids in Airborne Microorganisms under Far Infrared Radiation’. The study, which will potentially be published in a journal in June for peer review and analysis, investigated FIR radiation’s effect of on inhibiting airborne microorganisms.”

mikrozid for rapid cleaning and disinfection

Schülke says its mikrozid wipes and liquid offer the following benefits against the backdrop of the current COVID-19 outbreak:

Find the right ceiling product with ease

An online room selector tool, designed to helps architects and specifiers by clearly identifying which mineral ceiling systems are best for individual rooms and spaces, has been launched by leading manufacturer Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

Portable operating trolleys for emergency use

The Rapido mobile operating trolley – a multifunctional portable trolley or table produced by Merivaara of Finland, which has stepped up production to cope with increased demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – is now available from Bender UK Bender UK says Rapido ‘is ideal for use as a day surgery procedure table, with all the characteristics and functionality of a patient trolley’.

Decontamination service provides protection against 99.9999% of known pathogens

Interfurn is now offering a full bio-decontamination service for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, where there may be a high-level biological contamination risk. Interfurn’s BIOAct-365 Decontamination Service is particularly useful for facilities treating patients during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and is available as a rapid emergency response, or as part of a planned cleaning and maintenance programme.