Improving patient flow

With nurse call now part of the IP infrastructure, manufacturer, Austco, says that, ‘as the final leg’ to the hospital bedside or nursing staff, ‘future-proofed’ nurse call systems like its Tacera Pulse can be ‘the catalyst to improving patient flow’

The company said: “One great example is real-time bed management. With the addition of standard workflow panels or virtualised workflows on patient and duty stations next to bedsides, within bays, or on the ward, nurses can quickly determine the condition of a bed, and then automatically sequence the events necessary to ensure a change of bedclothes etc., ready for the next patient. Using ‘workflows’ to automate mundane tasks is performed from within the Tacera Pulse CMx2F engine.”

The system offers functions including raising a status displayable anywhere in the hospital, sending messages to relevant staff members and specific parts of hospital, allowing personnel to open real-time communication channels between essential parties, and ‘continually monitoring the status of a flow, triggering associated flows, and logging all activities as an audit trail’. 

Integrating RTLS (real-time location) brings further workflow enhancements. With a fully integrated system, messages can now be sent to only those staff at a specific location.

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