Addressing the BIM knowledge gap

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Manufacturer of lightweight building materials and systems, Knauf, is delivering one-day courses introducing Building Information Modelling (BIM) to first and second tier contractors.

The company believes the course is urgently needed because the Government has stated that centrally-procured public projects should be adopting BIM from April this year, yet, it says, ‘there is a lack of training or support being offered through accredited training bodies’. Knauf also notes ‘the lack of understanding in the marketplace from second tier contractors’.


The BIM training ‘has been warmly welcomed by the industry’, Knauf reports. “So far all the attention in introducing BIM has been aimed at the developers, specifiers, and architects, with not enough emphasis on specialist contractors,” said Joe Cilia, technical manager for FIS, which represents the finishes and interior sector. “This course developed by Knauf makes a significant contribution to redressing the balance. 

“Being BIM-ready or BIM-compliant is the buzz phrase we hear with increasing regularity as we approach the deadline for Government projects to be delivered to BIM Level 2, but so far there has been little information on what the specialist contractors have to do, and where they can get relevant information from.”