Importance of competencies

With May’s publication of the new Health Technical Memorandum, HTM 04-01, Safe Water in Healthcare Premises, – containing new guidance on many areas of water safety, hygiene, and system management – Eastwood Park has reviewed its water hygiene training ‘to reflect these latest changes’.

Part A of the HTM covers design, installation, and commissioning; Part B, operational management, and Part C, specific additional measures to control and minimise the risk of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in augmented care units. Eastwood Park said: “The new HTM provides advice and guidance for all healthcare premises, covering legal requirements, design applications and maintenance, and the operation of hot and cold water supply storage and distribution systems. It should be read in conjunction with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice (L8) and HSG274 Part 2. There is now a stronger emphasis on staff competencies.” 

Eastwood Park delivers water hygiene training, catering for Duty Holders, appointed Responsible Persons, and those managing, maintaining, and monitoring hot and cold water and cooling systems in healthcare environments. The courses offer ‘practical everyday solutions’ and ‘rigorous management guidance’, and reflect the content of HTMs and the HSE’s L8 ACoP. 

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