New HTM supplement updates DO8

A new supplement to HTM 0401, published last month, and titled Performance specification D 08: thermostatic mixing valves (healthcare premises), provides an update to the wellknown D 08 specification for thermostatic mixing valves, which was published in 1997.

Downloadable at, the Supplement and the updated specification for TMVs detailed were developed in conjunction with NSF, BuildCert, and TMV manufacturers and trade bodies, with whom the Department of Health held ‘extensive consultation’. In addition to the technical content relating to the performance and material requirements for TMVs and the appropriate test methods, the new specification incorporates flow charts to assist with the on-site auditing of the water supply conditions intended to supply the thermostatic mixing valve, commissioning of the TMV, and in-service testing of the device. 

The introduction to the Supplement says: “These flowcharts are intended to assist those responsible for the installation, commissioning, and routine in-service testing of thermostatic mixing valves in ensuring that the installed equipment operates as intended by the manufacturer, and delivers safe hot water for the users. This performance specification is intended to be utilised in conjunction with HTM 04-01 Part A, HTM 04-01 Part B, and the HTM 04-01 Addendum, which provides advice in relation to Pseudomonas aeruginosa.”




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