Easier compliance with water testing regimes

TME Thermometers has developed a dedicated Legionella temperature range of products to speed up and simplify compliance with ACoP L8 water testing.

The MM2008 thermometer has a built-in timer with one and two-minute countdown buttons, ‘greatly simplifying timed running water tests for hot and cold taps’. The company said: “Hospital engineers specifically asked for this feature; it’s much easier than balancing a thermometer, timer, clipboard, and pen, at the same time.” 

The KS01-S surface/immersion probe is specially designed for testing both pipe surfaces and water, eliminating the need to plug in a different probe each time that the engineer moves between pipes, water tanks, or taps. Both items are offered together ‘in one money-saving kit’. 

Finally, TME’s TCWallPort – one of the smallest items in the Legionella range – is now being adopted by numerous estates departments for testing multiple water outlets up to 20 metres away, from just one central point. The company said: “This smart little temperature accessory is extremely efficient – especially when used in conjunction with MM7000 Barcode Scanning thermometers, offering a paperless data capture method for both temperature tests and the recording of fixed assets.”