A ‘new benchmark’ for macerator infection control

Haigh has collaborated with ‘antimicrobial technology experts’, TECcare, to develop what it says is ‘a unique macerator disinfection system’.

It combines the company’s Quattro macerator with TECcare CONTROL disinfectant, which is said to be effective against a wide range of pathogens without corroding or damaging the macerator’s internal working parts. The company said: “Extensive microbiological laboratory testing was used to optimise the dosing, dilution rate, and antimicrobial performance specifically for Quattro. By integrating the clinically proven


TECcare CONTROL disinfectant into the Quattro’s rinse cycle, the potential cross-infection risk associated with the macerator was proven to be minimised.” 

Haigh says a recent case study of the Quattro’s disinfection system in use at a hospital in south-west England confirmed that adding TECcare CONTROL to the Quattro rinse cycle ‘effectively eliminated hundreds of thousands of living microbes from within the macerator.’ It adds: “Swab testing confirmed that all 100,000 viable bacteria were eliminated from the 11 cm2 swab test area.”


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