Door longevity ‘hinges on the hinge’

Intastop says its ‘next generation’ SECURAHinge Continuous Geared Hinge is designed to decrease maintenance, allowing heavy doors to be safely fitted, since weight is distributed across the hinge’s entirety, preventing buckling, which can result in faulty doors.

Marketing director, Sarah Barsby, said: “The importance of a hinge is often overlooked, but when considering its impact on door repair and replacement costs it really should be a priority, particularly in public buildings such as healthcare facilities, where there is continual use and public safety to consider.” 

‘Unlike other hinges’, the SECURAHinge works via two fulllength, paired and geared levers. Each geared leaf rotates evenly from top to bottom riding on Delrin-Teflon bearings, which generate a low operating force, delivering easy opening and automatic closing. Intastop says users ‘enjoy increased security, safety, and privacy’, while ‘typical high usage doors problems’, such as alignment issues and stress distribution, are alleviated. 

The company added: “It also eliminates any gap between door and frame, providing privacy and added security, and is ideal for mental healthcare facilities, as it removes potential ligature risks via an anti-ligature tip which minimises the gap in open and closed positions and ensures no gap behind the bearing.”



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