Legrand taking digital communication forward

‘As the world transitions from analogue to digital’, Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare says it has been ‘leading the digitalisation agenda in technology-enabled care services (TECs)’ by discussing the implications of the switchover at six Digital Roadshow events held across the UK – ‘from Glasgow to London’

The company explained: “Analogue technology that has been used to operate TECs across the UK for over 40 years is being replaced by digital systems, with the transition, according to Ofcom, aiming to be concluded by 2025. This process has important implications for existing analogue technologies, which may continue to operate, but with the possibility of being less reliable. Legrand’s Digital Roadshows gave service-provider organisations a clearer understanding of how the digital transition will affect them, and how they can plan for it with minimal disruption. Attendees heard presentations on the challenges faced by the assisted living & healthcare sector, before taking part in a workshop that explored how digitally-enabled technology could transform the services they provide.”

Legrand sales director, Wendy Kendall, said: “The Digital Roadshows were a huge success, providing many organisations – a number of whom admitted they initially felt the transition was a daunting process they were unprepared for – with an understanding of the benefits of digital systems. We are here to support our customers with knowledge and products that will allow the continued safety and efficiency of their valuable services.”

National sales manager for Tynetec, Stuart Carroll, added: “To help customers understand their current position and how they can move towards digital, Tynetec is offering free digital audits – to give organisations an understanding of where they are now, and what they need to do next.” 

A recently acquired Legrand brand, Jontek, has reportedly ‘been ahead of the curve for some years now’, with its provision of digitally-enabled monitoring systems, which give alarm centre operators the ability to accept calls from analogue and digital systems on one platform.


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