Reliability and long-term protection

Haigh says research consistently confirms that single-use macerators are ‘the most efficient and user-friendly means of disposing of human waste for both patients and staff’.

The company said: “There’s a clear need for pulp macerators. We’re renowned for providing the market’s most reliable macerators – they often last over 10 years – and of course reliability means less breakdowns, and in turn better infection control. With macerators considered a critical asset, then as with all machines, assets need protecting. That’s why we’ve introduced a better choice built around our customers. We’ll deliver and commission our Quattro Vanguard with one year’s warranty. Although the Quattro is ‘entry level’ in price, it is anything but an entry-level machine – superfine maceration means discharge easily flows through drains. 

“While that is one option,” the company continues, “the next is to add our ‘fit and forget’ package – Quattro Safeguard – at a fixed cost for seven years. We’ll look after your machine for seven years, with an engineer visit every nine months, and give a guarantee against parts failure. We will also include night mode, making your machine twice as quiet to help patients sleep. You won’t find these options on any other macerator.”