High Performance Hygienic Coating for Clinical Healthcare Areas

The management and prevention of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) remains one of the biggest concerns for the NHS. Despite a noticeable decline in the overall number of cases, a recent report by Public Health England (PHE)1) identifies over 65,000 reported cases in England in the period 2016 - March 2017 which can be attributed to four key HCAIs: MRSA, MSSA, E.coli and C.difficile.

High standards of environmental hygiene and clinical practice in hospitals are critical for infection control. Moreover, the entire hospital environment should be designed to support good hygiene practice.

The current guidance on healthcare design2) recommends that impervious, smooth and seamless finishes are used where possible throughout the facility. It highlights that the quality of finishes is important, with durability and resistance to cleaning agents being key parameters ensuring longevity of the finish. In specialist clinical areas, durable, thick coat systems should be used as a wall finish to create a smooth, non-porous, and easy to clean and maintain surface.

Hygiene and durability are key requirements for wall finishes in healthcare facilities. A UK based building products manufacturer, Construction Specialties (CS), offers a high performance hygienic coating system designed to support infection control practices in areas subject to intensive, regular cleaning.

Tried and tested in many healthcare facilities in the UK and abroad, CS Wallflex (part of the CS Wallglaze Performance Coatings range), is a highly durable, multi-layer wall/ceiling coating system, designed specifically to cope with intensive cleaning regimes.

Some of the most recent healthcare applications include new build operating theatres at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Optegra Eye Hospital in London, as well as operating theatre refurbishments at the University Hospital, Limerick and the Royal London Hospital.

CS Wallflex can be decontaminated from radioactivity, and is particularly recommended for areas such as operating theatres, post-op areas, clean rooms/laboratories (up to category 3 ACDP), treatment rooms or mortuaries. It is also suitable for use in wet environments, such as bathrooms, shower areas and hydrotheraphy pool halls.

The high resin content of the coating ensures resilience to scrubbing, abrasion and the high levels of wear and tear expected in clinical areas. In addition, CS Wallflex has been formulated to withstand a wide range of chemicals and strong cleaning agents and, due to its inherent flexibility, is also resistant to cracking, splitting and flaking.

Non-leaching bactericides and fungicides are incorporated in every layer of the system to create a long lasting hygienic surface and a highly effective defence against most species of bacteria, mould and yeasts (verified by third party testing).

Supplied in an Eggshell finish, the system is available in any BS 4800, RAL Classic or NCS 2nd Series colours as standard, or can be colour matched to project requirements.

The solvent free, two-pack system has low VOC levels and low odour, lending itself to both new build and refurbishment projects. It is recommended for brush & roller application, and minor repairs can be easily performed whenever necessary. After the initial 10-15 year lifespan, only one coat of topcoat is needed to completely restore the surface, resulting in a quick and cost-effective refurbishment.

CS Wallflex is a reliable, resilient and low maintenance coating for all healthcare facilities. It supports infection control practices and provides an attractive & long-lasting surface finish.

For further information on CS’ hygienic coatings range visit: http://www.c-sgroup.co.uk/products/wallglaze-performance-coatings/ 

  1. Source: Public Health England, ‘Thirty-day all-cause fatality subsequent to MRSA, MSSA and E. coli bacteraemia and C. difficile infection, 2016/17’, March 2017 https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/mrsa-mssa-and-e-coli-bacteraemia-and-c-difficile-infection-30-day-all-cause-fatality
  2. For further information see:
    1. Department of Health, Core Elements - Health Building Note 00-10: Part B: Walls and ceilings, 2013 Edition
    2. Department of Health, Core Elements - Health Building Note 00-09: Infection control in the built environment, 2013 Edition. 

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