A 21st century ‘pollution solution’

A new ‘pollution-absorbing paint technology’ that comes in the form of a paint or clear coating, can be applied internally and externally to buildings, is said by the Swiss company behind it to be ‘easy-to-use and scientifically proven’, and which ‘turns walls and surfaces into a natural air purifier’, is now available in the UK.

Airlite SRL says Airlite is ‘100% natural, entirely water-soluble, and VOC-free’ and will eliminate up to 88.8% of air pollution – by neutralising gases such as nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide. It also neutralises odours, repels dust and airborne dirt, and ‘eliminates 99.9% of bacteria – by blocking the growth of mould and microbes, and removing airborne germs and antibiotic-resistant superbugs’. 

The company said: “Applying it on a 100 m2 surface reduces air pollution as effectively as an area of 100 m2 planted with mature trees.” Airlite began life in 2003, when Italian scientist, Massimo Bernadoni, who founded the Energia Roma Consortium, began investigating the growing issue of air pollutants and their effect on world health. By using a mineral-based powder formula, rather than a liquid suspension, he was able to remove polymers from the base product, thus enabling the coating to work effectively, ‘while reducing any potential hazardous by-products to a simple, safe salt solution’. 

Airlite SRL says that since 2007 Airlite has been tested extensively in many highly polluted European locations. Global test sites at hospitals, schools, and public buildings, ‘have returned the same highly positive results’. 

Airlite’s ‘unique formula’ reportedly ‘supercharges the natural activation between its compounds and natural light, causing a chemical reaction that removes at least 88% of airborne toxic particles, and forming an invisible protective film that stops dirt and bacteria attaching to the wall’. 


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