Spire standardises on premium sanitaryware

Armitage Shanks, the expert washroom and bathroom solution manufacturer, has secured the national standardised sanitaryware and brassware specification for Spire Healthcare. Spire was impressed by the company’s new clinical ceramic collection, Contour 21+, and its new line of healthcare fittings, Markwik 21+, with the ‘comprehensive brassware and ceramic basin ranges’ selected based on their ‘specific infection control capabilities’.

The supplier explained: “Markwik 21+ brassware products have been designed with both hygiene and convenience in mind. The mixers can be fully and easily dismantled by Spire staff for complete disinfection, while the internal components are designed to withstand 80 °C, and detachable outlets up to 135 °C for autoclaving. They also have a built-in thermal cleansing function, which allows the maximum blend temperature stop to be overridden for hot water thermal flushing.”

The Markwik 21+ mixers being installed across Spire’s sites also feature Armitage Shanks’ ‘unique’ BioGuard technology, a copper-lined outlet which helps prevent biofilm attachment and reportedly reduces the risk of Pseudomonas infection.

Spire’s new ceramic basins, from Armitage Shanks’ Contour 21+ range, incorporate features said to actively minimise the risk of infection, including SmartGuard+ -- a smooth hydrophilic glaze containing antimicrobial additives. Meanwhile heir ‘innovative shape’ is said to reduce the chances of splashing ‘by up to 90 percent when compared with traditional basins’.

Armitage Shanks said: “For Spire Healthcare, this means reduced chances of infection, as well as lower maintenance costs. With standard hospital basins, running water is more likely to splash onto surrounding floors and surfaces. Our research has shown that these splashes can fall up to two metres from the basin which, in healthcare settings, means potentially falling on beds, clothing and hospital equipment.”

Dave Ferry, national Engineering manager, Spire Healthcare, said: “Armitage Shanks’ new healthcare ranges are perfect for our sites, at which infection control is always at the forefront of our minds.  We had actually begun to formalise an agreement with another supplier, but after seeing the company’s new healthcare innovations decided to go with it.


“We chose the products for due to Armitage Shanks’ scientific approach to infection control, and the company’s comprehensive offering.  The serviceability of these brassware solutions was also a massive factor, and will help us reduce maintenance costs over time. Our old systems were particularly difficult to clean, but the new Markwik 21+ taps are simply brilliant; we can completely dismantle them and put them in the washer-disinfector. We can also really easily isolate the water supply, simply by using an Allen key. Our facilities management team are simultaneously very happy that they can identify and source spare parts from the installation book.

“This new specification forms part of our ongoing refurbishment programme, which will see many changes across our estate as we standardise the facilities available at each site. During this period, which began in May, Armitage Shanks will be our formal standardised manufacturer of ceramic, brassware, and stainless steel bathroom products.”