Hospital fire safety expertise augmented

Fire consultant, Colin Newman, has joined Gloucestershire based training centre, Eastwood Park.

Eastwood Park’s comprehensive fire safety training encompasses subjects ranging from guidance on fire precautions in healthcare building design, to specialist guidance for hospital fire safety managers, plus training for those undertaking fire risk assessments in healthcare facilities. 

Colin Newman said: “Large-scale evacuations are never easy, but with the additional needs of patients, including those with poor mobility, those under medication, or those dependent on electrical/mechanical equipment to survive, complete evacuation of a healthcare facility can be an impractical option, and could pose more of a risk than the actual fire. There are a number of evacuation strategies outlined in HTM 05-02 that do not require the removal of everybody from a building. Progressive horizontal evacuation, for example, is generally considered a preferable strategy.”

Colin Newman is renowned for his fire safety expertise, particularly in healthcare. He has been a Principal Fire Consultant to the Department of Health, and delivered many Firecode coursess, as well as lecturing at the Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh.