Energy efficiency ‘top of the list’ for FMs

Energy efficiency is the most important credential when choosing a heat emitter, according to a recent poll of facilities managers.

In a survey by OnePoll, in association with Jaga Heating Products – a distributor of ‘energy-saving, low-water content heating products’, almost all (97%) of respondents said efficiency is important, while a quarter said it was the most important factor, alongside low running costs. The third most-valued feature is equipment safety, with 16% of respondents citing this as the ‘main thing they look for’ when choosing a new product. 

The survey quizzed 250 ‘facilities decision-makers’ on their approach to energy efficiency. Respondents were asked about their energy expenditure, technology usage, and awareness of legislation and funding, and about the barriers they face when trying to improve the EPC rating of premises. 

Current energy efficiency measures already in place include low energy lightbulbs (58%), roof (51%) or cavity wall (43%) insulation, draughtproofing (38%), and heating zone controls (36%). A fifth of those surveyed also have low water content radiators.