‘New benchmark’ for seasonal efficiency

Daikin says that with its VRV IV heat pump system ‘pioneering new levels of seasonal efficiency and comfort’ on its launch five years ago – it has ‘again raised the bar’ with its new VRV IV+ heat pump.

It explained: “At the latest system’s heart, existing VRV IV features like Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT), and continuous heating during defrost are matched by a completely redesigned compressor, fully optimised to ensure high performance at part loads – the main operation mode throughout the year.” The new compressor also ‘addresses a  key issue that can occur during low load operation’ – refrigerant leaking from the high-pressure to the low-pressure side in the compression chamber, resulting in loss of efficiency. This has been resolved via the inclusion of a back-pressure control port that sends a small amount of highpressure refrigerant from the compression chamber to the back of the scroll. Daikin added: “This optimal separation of lower and higher-pressure sides within the compression chamber boosts seasonal efficiency to a new standard, delivering a 15% increase in efficiency.”