Tuneable bedhead luminaire promotes comfort and healing

A new single-piece low profile bedhead luminaire, Florence+, has just been launched by Whitecroft Lighting The company explained: “The newly designed luminaire comes off the back of years of healthcare sector experience. Florence+ is an elegant low-profile design bedhead luminaire for wall mounting in healthcare environments.”

The new design comprises a single piece – the outer casing ensures that Florence+ is easy to clean and will not harbour dust or germs, while the light sources are independently dimmable to comply with SLL LG2 requirements. Variable light levels ensure suitability for use during a variety of tasks or activities.

Florence+ delivers up to six pre-programmed lighting scenes at the bedside from three distinct optics. Whitecroft said: “The powerful combination of upward, forward, and downward light can deliver the full examination level of 1,000 lux on the bed, reducing the need for supplementary examination lighting. Simple bedside controls allow the patient to choose between pre-programmed scenes for daytime, night time, and reading.  These controls can be easily overridden by nursing staff to provide the correct levels of illumination for general nursing care, examination, and patient observation.”

Karen Bramman, Healthcare director at Whitecroft Lighting, added: “Our R&D teams have looked at every necessary lighting level, and have developed this new luminaire in a low-profile, elegant design which softens a typically sterile environment. It also delivers compliance to SLL LG2, and improves the patient and staff experience. We have combined design with the latest innovations, including the option of tuneable white. This provides the patient with seamless graduation between cool and warm light, enabling the lighting to match natural body rhythms, with the choice of warm white 3000 k or cool white 4000 k reading scenes further promoting comfort and healing.”

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