Floorcare expert’s new colour-coded brushes

Global floorcare manufacturer and supplier, Truvox International, has extended its ‘popular and versatile’ Multiwash scrubber-dryer range with the launch of new coloured brushes

Compliant with the NHS national colour coding scheme for hospital cleaning materials and equipment, they are designed to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Truvox said: “Distinct red, yellow, green, and blue colours make it easy to separate tools into their correct area of use, supporting operatives, and helping to raise cleaning standards.”

Reportedly easy to change and wash, the brushes are said to be ‘ideal for maintaining tiled floors, effectively scrubbing grout lines clean’. The colour coding is as follows: 

  • Red brushes for washrooms. 
  • Yellow for isolation zones. 
  • Green for catering departments, ward kitchen sections, and foodservice at ward level.
  • Blue for general areas – including wards, departments, and offices.

Multiwash machines wash, scrub, and dry both hard and soft floors in a single pass, leaving them ready to walk on ‘in minutes’. Truvox added: “With their counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, they effortlessly sustain the pressure required to clean thoroughly in the grout lines of tiled floors and other crevices. Economical in their use of water and solution, all Multiwash models clean effectively on a wide variety of floors – from vinyl and laminates to marble.”