‘Everything Healthcare’ brochure

Geberit and Twyford have launched a new brochure – ‘Everything Healthcare’ – revealing the Geberit Group’s ‘unique understanding’ of the healthcare industry, and its ability ‘to provide the perfect all-round piping and sanitaryware solution to the sector’.

Twyford said: “With product innovation, compliance, and installation efficiencies in focus, the brochure is a key resource for anyone specifying sanitary solutions where safety, economy, intelligent design, and sustainability, are paramount.” 

Featuring a combination of detailed product information, benefits, and wider resources, the brochure provides a convenient, simple way to guide the product selection process. The selection includes a range of products chosen to reliably support and maintain the healthcare estate. Twyford said: “From in-front-of-the-wall ceramics and brassware, to behind-the-wall supply and drainage systems, the literature brings together, all in one place, our latest high performance, fully integrated sanitaryware solutions.”