Revolving door’s claimed ‘world first’

Meesons, a provider of anti-tailgating entrance control solutions, has introduced Rev 190, which it claims is the world’s first revolving door to achieve certification to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175: Issue 8 up to C5 (SR3).

The company explains that LPCB certification of the Rev 190 Revolving Door to LPS 1175 ‘provides independent verification that it will deliver the significant levels of resistance to forced entry by hostile actors – be they burglars, terrorists or protestors’.

It said: “The LPS 1175 standard reflects a broad range of threat scenarios, including tool attacks by intruders acting without fear of attracting attention to their actions by using tools and entry techniques likely to generate sustained levels of noise. This is a threat not necessarily covered by other security standards, such as EN 1627, as explained in BRE’s Façade security standards Specifiers guide.”

Meesons’ LPS 1175 Issue 8 Revolving Door is ‘in a permanent state of attack-readiness’, and thus requires no user intervention, or secondary layer of defence, to stop criminals prepared to use force. The high-security, fully automatic four-wing, bi-directional revolving door reportedly ‘remains as secure during the day is it does at night, preventing forced attack 24/7’. Meesons added: “Simultaneously, its sleek, stylish design creates a welcoming, non-intimidating aesthetic for legitimate building users. We introduced the Rev 190 following customer demand for a revolving door that enables a high frequency of users to transit, while preventing unauthorised entry.”

Legitimate building users can present their ID card or biometric data to traverse the Rev 190 Security Revolving Door. When specified with anti-tailgating detection, the single-person authentication prevents unauthorised individuals from ‘piggybacking’ their way into a facility by closely following the person in front. The Rev 190 features a range of transit modes that can be operational day / night, allowing building managers to choose between free-flow, single-person authenticated access control or lockdown modes.

The system is said to be the only revolving door compliant with Building Regulations Approved Document Q, and accredited by Secured by Design (SBD).