Online CPD modules on ‘modern heating technologies’

Vaillant has introduced three new online CPD modules for built environment, professionals – including architects, M&E consultants, specifiers, and energy managers. ‘Decarbonisation of Heat & Low Carbon Technologies’, ‘Heating’s Dirty Little Secret’, and ‘Hydrogen: the role of green gas in the decarbonisation of heat’, have been designed to give participants an insight into system design best practice for modern heating technologies, and the role of low-carbon technologies in decarbonising heat in the future.

The ‘Heating’s Dirty Little Secret’ module provides an overview of the evolution of commercial heating systems over the years, the challenges found in modern boilers, and the importance of water quality and treatment in ensuring efficient boiler performance and prolonging equipment lifespan. It also explains what happens inside a modern boiler installed in a system with poor water quality, and ‘how low loss plate separation using plate heat exchangers helps clients protect their investments’.

John Bailey, head of commercial and renewable systems at Vaillant Group, said: “Although system water is flushed, cleaned, and treated properly in most cases, treatment often takes place weeks after installation, when damage to the boiler’s heat exchanger has already begun. After investigating the root cause of heat exchanger problems, we found that if the level of scale or corrosion within the heat exchanger is very severe, premature failure can be seen within months.”

He added: “We now insist on fitting plate heat exchangers when using Vaillant boilers with an output of 70 kW or more, so it makes absolute sense to show consultants, specifiers, and energy managers, why this method of best practice should be deployed.”

The ‘Decarbonisation of Heat & Low Carbon Technologies’ module explores the drivers and current challenges for decarbonisation of heat in buildings, and provides an overview on the low carbon technologies currently on the market.

The ‘Hydrogen: the role of green gas in the decarbonisation of heat’ module gives ‘a high-level overview of the pathways to decarbonisation’ – including potential uses of hydrogen and other green gases; challenges faced in developing future products for domestic and light commercial applications, and ‘the scale of what needs to happen to roll out hydrogen in the UK’.