Making healthcare facilities safer and more secure

dormakaba describes itself as ‘your trusted partner for smart and secure access solutions’. It said: “With over 150 years’ experience, we can provide the best products, solutions, and services for the healthcare market.

We understand that security is of prime importance in the sector, and that both keeping staff, patients, and visitors safe, and maintaining an environment that is comfortable and conducive to healing requires a delicate balance between freedom and security.

“Technology is a critical component in providing security to large, public facilities with multiple access points, typically open 24/7. Visitor management systems, RFID tracking, audit reporting, and electronic access control systems, are all technologies dormakaba can offer. Our experienced colleagues will discuss and support your requirements by pulling together a comprehensive portfolio of products to suit your healthcare facility’s needs. “Choose from our door and entrance systems – which include automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, and revolving doors, electronic access control which includes touch sensor doors, and door hardware – door closers and exit devices, plus commercial grade locks.”

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