‘Smart’ operating table ‘leverages decades of experience’

Getinge says its new Maquet Corin is ‘an intuitive, safe, smart, and connected’ operating room (OR) table designed ‘to streamline daily routines’ in today’s busy surgical departments.

“Maquet Corin takes a step forward in areas that are crucial for surgical teams,” said Stéphane Le Roy, President, Surgical Workflows at Getinge. “Its flexibility and ease of use help save time by facilitating teamwork and communication. It also includes smart sensor-based safety features that help protect OR staff and equipment.” Getinge explains that the simplified user interface is built on a small range of colours that are the same on the OR table, the remote control, and the override panel. For example, everything associated with the head of the table is blue, while the controls for the feet end are in magenta and emergency functions come in orange. “We have focused on making the user interface so simple and intuitive that it is possible to understand the table functions without a lengthy introduction,” explained Frank Alles, Vice-President, Portfolio Management, Surgical Workplaces. “The immediate visual feedback for the entire surgical team is clearly visible even when the OR table is draped.” Other ‘smart’ Maquet Corin features are ‘based on the same approach as the sophisticated active safety features in modern cars – preventing accidents and incidents by monitoring situations and warning, or even acting automatically, when needed’, Getinge says The collision detection protects staff working near the OR table and nearby equipment, such as C-arms and patient warming systems, while the overload detection protects the operating table against structural damage with a warning when the load limit is reached or exceeded. A tipping prevention ensures safe positioning, even in unlock status, or with heavy patients in bariatric surgery. The feature monitors the tipping risk during the procedure, for example when the table is tilted. A warning or an automatic stop are used to prevent tipping. Maquet Corin streamlines the workflow with pre-settings of common surgical positions, but with the additional option of configuring up to 30 personalised user sequences, with up to 40 waypoints to record individual path for a smooth patient positioning. Frank Alles concluded: “Maquet Corin accommodates all specialties. It can be used for general surgery, as well as specialty disciplines like bariatric surgery or hybrid and navigated procedures, thanks to a dedicated interface, allowing the attachment of a carbon fibre plate. We are thrilled to offer our customers this innovative product, which leverages decades of experience in developing and building OR tables.”

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