Enhanced calibration services to ‘streamline’ equipment calibration in the NHS

Calibrationhouse, a provider of UKAS-accredited calibration services, has announced a new suite of 'extensive calibration capabilities 'to enhance and streamline' its equipment calibration for the National Health Service (NHS) and wider healthcare industry.

The calibration specialist – which currently serves 114 UK NHS Trusts – says these new capabilities represent ‘a strategic expansion’ of its services, ‘making it easier and faster for hospitals and other medical facilities to fulfil their calibration requirements’.

The company said: “A key strength of the new capabilities is the ability to calibrate ventilator testers on site at healthcare facilities, which will drastically reduce equipment downtime. Previously, ventilator testers had to be shipped abroad for calibration, resulting in lengthy downtimes.”

Now, Calibrationhouse’s engineers can bring their expertise directly to hospitals, ‘providing accurate and reliable calibration in minutes, rather than weeks’. Manager, Andrew Simpson, said: “Being able to offer on-site calibration for ventilator testers is revolutionary for our NHS and healthcare customers. In the past, sending these essential devices abroad meant huge delays. Now, by delivering this service directly to hospitals, we’re minimising downtime, and ensuring critical equipment is quickly back in use. Our goal is to make calibration more convenient and stress-free, and this is a major step in that direction.”

This ‘enhancement’ is part of a broader expansion of Calibrationhouse’s services – which includes the calibration of force gauges, temperature calibrators, test weights, precision scales, thermal hygrometers, calibration syringes, and conductivity meters at customer premises. In addition, calibration of high-pressure gauges is now available at the Calibrationhouse lab in Peterlee on a five working day from receipt turnaround time.


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