Comprehensive nitrous oxide monitoring solution launched

BeaconMedaes UK has announced the immediate availability of a new one-month rental package designed to help hospitals monitor and manage staff exposure to nitrous oxide (N2O).

The ‘comprehensive’ Nitrous Oxide Exposure Monitoring Solution includes two nitrous oxide detectors, and is supplied alongside full training, recording documentation, assessment data analysis, and a summary report. The medical gas specialist said: “In alignment with NHS England guidelines on minimising time-weighted exposure to nitrous oxide in healthcare settings, the Nitrous Oxide Exposure Monitoring Solution allows hospitals to better understand and manage their levels of staff exposure. This is an essential step in ensuring the provision of a safe working environment for all staff.”

Key features include:

  • Two ‘portable and lightweight’ Nitrous Oxide Detector (NOD) units, designed for continuous monitoring of N2O concentrations.
  • Comprehensive training for hospital staff on the use of the NOD units.
  • Detailed documentation to support the recording and analysis of exposure data.
  • Assessment data analysis: expert analysis of the collected data to assess exposure levels.
  • Summary report: a thorough report summarising findings and recommendations.

The Nitrous Oxide Detector was developed by Swedish ‘healthcare innovator’, Medclair AB, and is available exclusively through BeaconMedaes UK in the UK and Ireland. The company said: “It is an advanced tool designed to provide real-time indications of overexposure, logging data for user evaluation, and self-education. It ensures accurate measurement of nitrous oxide concentration in parts per million (ppm), and alerts users when exposure limits are exceeded.”

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