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The world renowned ‘Vernacare System’ of hygienic patient toileting and washing improves standards of patient safety and care. It avoids the expense and inconvenience of using clinical waste or chemical disinfection processes and is proven to reduce infection risk, save money and nurses' time, while improving  environmental performance.

Healthcare providers across nearly 50 countries, including 96% of NHS hospitals, use  the innovative single-use method of human waste management pioneered by Vernacare more than 50 years ago.

What is the 'Vernacare System'?

The 'Vernacare System' replaces traditional re-usable waste management products, such as urinals, bedpans and wash bowls, with hygienic containers - made from renewable natural fibre. These containers disintegrate after use when placed in Vernacare’s environmentally friendly Vortex disposal machines, which break down the waste into miniscule particles using a fast and energy efficient cold water process. The resulting fine slurry flows freely through the drains.

Quality guarantee

Vernacare is the only company to manufacture a complete single-use human waste disposal system - producing 160 million disposable products at its UK factory last year. We use stringent quality assurance systems, which means that we create robust, reliable products - guaranteed to hold water for a minimum of four hours, without leaking. We adhere to the highest international quality control standards and all of our single-use products are BSI Kitemarked.

Technical and service support

With over 200 employees, including our own national team of highly skilled engineers, our specialist team provide the highest standards of educational support, technical assistance and customer care to our varied worldwide customer base.

Reduce costs

When all costs are considered, the Vernacare system is 39.4% cheaper to maintain than alternative systems of human waste management. Our single-use process utilises significantly less energy and water than alternative re-usable methods.

Further financial benefits are provided through the savings in nursing time, the cost of treating Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAIs) and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, the Vortex disposal unit can often be significantly less costly to purchase than many washer disinfectors.

Prevent infection to increase safety

By providing a clean product every time, the Vernacare system helps to reduce infection risk from  Clostridium difficile (C.diff), MRSA, E. Coli and Norovirus, as well as also other highly infectious diseases.

Vernacare’s products have been shown to contribute to a reduction in Clostridium difficile infections of 56%1.  In contrast, studies have shown safety risks from re-using plastic and stainless steel products following thermal disinfection. There is evidence that washer disinfectors may not provide adequate conditions for killing Clostridium difficile spores1.

Reduce Environmental Impact

The Vernacare system uses 60% less water than some alternative systems and less energy because our Vortex disposal machines use a cold water process and operate a fast, energy efficient cycle.

Improve productivity

The Vernacare single-use system saves nurses more than 27 hours per year - compared to alternative reusable systems. It improves working conditions by eliminating the time spent washing reusable plastic products by hand or processing them though a washer disinfector.

Increase patient dignity and standards of care

Patients find the products far more dignified and comfortable, and are re-assured when they receive a new clean product each time.


Vernacare is continually innovating in partnership with global healthcare professionals.  We won the Queen's Award for Innovation for developing the world's first detergent-proof, disposable wash bowl.  Recently, we launched the VernaFem single-use female urinal, which preserves patient dignity and empowers patients to toilet themselves with little or no assistance from healthcare staff.

New easy-clean VernaChair commode

Our new VernaChair commode comprises a robust, easy-clean design to help reduce infection risk, particularly from vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) transmission.

VernaChair can be steam cleaned and withstands the thermal disinfection conditions used to clean commodes - aligning with current cleaning practices for commode chairs across all of global markets

Durability has been designed into the product and it needs fewer spare parts over its lifespan, ultimately meaning less cost for our customers.

Further information:

  1. Reducing Clostridium Difficile Infection in Acute Care by Using an Improvement Collaborative - Power M, Wigglesworth N et al, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, UK, BMJ 2010; 341: c3359.



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