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International flooring and interiors specialists Gerflor have over 70 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, becoming a true expert in this field, creating, manufacturing and marketing innovative, decorative and environmentally-responsible flooring. Gerflor are a single supplier to a raft of healthcare facilities, providing a host of contemporary flooring and wall and door protection solutions. Gerflor, however, have much more to offer the industry than just product. Their experience enables them to provide great insight, advice and create worthwhile partnerships. 

Our commitment to product innovation is paramount to our success in hospitals worldwide. The demands of the clinical environment in terms of infection control, hygiene, maintenance and performance have pushed us to create a comprehensive range of solutions for key areas in the hospital environment.

Gerflor's product range include:

How have we innovated for hospitals?

  • Our patented surface treatments, Evercare and Protecsol 2, offer unrivalled stain resistance to chemicals (e.g., iodine and betadine) and scratching, and render our floors 100% antimicrobial. They afford a 30% reduction on maintenance costs and an 80% reduction in water and detergent use
  • For our Ultra Clean offering, we have created floors and wall coverings which not only meet, but exceed, the standards of cleanliness and disinfection, particle and molecular retention and chemical and electrostatic resistance required for the highest risk areas (e.g., operating theatres for organ transplantation)
  • We have developed floors offering superior resistance to static and dynamic loads from beds, wheelchairs and trollies that reduce starting force and pushing by 35%
  • We provide floors that have been successfully tested to resist the 24/7 running of AVG systems

We know our products can add significant value to any contract project; we can prove it. Talk to our Healthcare Flooring Team about the results of the independent Whole Life Cost analyses we commissioned and the positive impact our treated products have on maintenance levels and infection control.

To further discuss these or our other progressive flooring solutions for healthcare, please contact our Healthcare team



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