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With experience from over 300 installations in hospital and healthcare facilities, FläktGroup is the safe choice for air management systems. Our solutions provide ultimate function for the specific demands of, for example an operating theatre, whilst meeting the highest standards of energy efficiency to deliver low life-cycle costs for the entire building.

HVAC systems for hospital and healthcare facilities have special requirements because of the inherent nature of their functions and the unique susceptibility of patients to infection. In perhaps no other application is the HVAC system a more important and integral, component of the building’s processes.

Specific Healthcare demands
Where the healthcare building has specific demands, FläktGroup has solutions. Our product portfolio includes equipment and systems that meet the challenging requirements for air cleaning, leakage standards and infection control. Effective HVAC systems provide a comfortable environment, including temperature, air quality, humidity, odour and noise. It therefore affects not only the conditions of the hospital staff and visitors, it also facilitates good conditions for the patients’ healing processes – comfortable patients heal faster.

Cleaning and maintenance
Maintenance operations such as cleaning are always a major issue with any plant, mostly because of functionality issues. Within the healthcare sector requirements are even higher due to the stringent hygienic demands. Every component within our HVAC systems has been designed to facilitate visual inspection, along with easy and effective cleanability.

Certificates and standards
Our systems have been designed and developed in accordance with the most stringent Hygiene standards in Europe. As an example, our eQ Plus® AHU received the ILH certificate delivered by the German Institute for Hygienic Air. FläktGroup AHU’s are well designed according to the German standard VDI 6022 and the Swiss SWKI Richtlinie VA104-04 (04/2006). This guarantees that maintenance will be easy and effective and that the materials used are microbiologically inert. We also strive to extend the use of recyclable materials and operate in accordance with ISO 14001.

FläktGroup was born through the successful merger of DencoHappel and Fläkt Woods as the new industry leader in Indoor Air Comfort and Critical Air Functions. 

AIR TREATMENT- Air Handling Units treat the air in order to provide good indoor air quality and comfort. This means cleaning, heating and cooling the air and sometimes providing humidity control. By integrating the finest energy recovery systems together with the most efficient fans and motors with smart controls we achieve that with the lowest energy cost.

AIR MOVEMENT - All fans from FläktGroup are designed for general Air Movement, but we also offer high temperature fans that protect people and property in case of fire.

AIR FILTRATION - Our wide range of Filter Media, Dust Collectors and Air Filters, Electrostatic Precipitators, Air Intake Systems, Control Systems and Clean Room Solutions provide clean air in commercial, industrial and residential areas. Finest emulsion mists, toxic vapours, fine dusts and material chips are filtered just as reliably as odours, bacteria, fungus pores or viruses.

AIR DISTRIBUTION - Veloduct is a complete range of round ducting for best-in-class tightness. Veloduct is CE-marked certified also for fire safety.

AIR MANAGEMENT - Optivent products offers high performances for the Demand Controlled Ventilation features and IRIS Original enables easy air management for commissioning and balancing. CE marked dampers for fire safety complete the range.

AIR DIFFUSION - Air Diffusers (variable or passive) as well as chilled beams and fan coil units are designed to ensure high quality indoor comfort (noise, air velocity) while providing advanced functionalities.

AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING - Our ICT Cooling means exact cooling, precise control of relative humidity...We also offer a wide range of energy-efficient Chiller and Heat Pump models with an extensive spectrum of accessories.

SERVICE - With a comprehensive selection of service offerings combined with an extensive in-house expertise and competence we ensure the most reliable and cost-effective system performance through the entire life cycle. We care for your air through Excellence in Service


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