Radio Data Networks Limited

The Innovation Farm
Sawbridgeworth Road,
Bishops Stortford
CM22 7QU
United Kingdom

01279 600440


UK based Radio Data Networks are the UK’s leading inventor and manufacturer of Drainage and Sewage Monitoring solutions for both the utility and healthcare sectors.

Operating from their purpose built “Innovation Farm” in the SE England, the company has proudly already delivered over the past decade a numerous systems and bespoke solutions that have helped the NHS and other Healthcare providers detect and mitigate blockages in sewers, drains and stacks, before they spill, spread infection and lead to the closure of wards and theatres.

All their products utilise low energy wireless communications, are battery operated, 100% sealed against ingress, to enable devices to be easily retrofitted in drains and sewers without having to chop up floors to run cables. Further, their products are designed to communicate via special Gateways to the sites BMS / SCADA and telemetry through simple, 100% cyber secure volt-free contacts. 

Products are simple to install and test too, keeping cost low, and thereby enabling a hospitals facility management company to conduct DIY installations and maintenance.

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Wireless Blocked Sewer Alarm

Simple to install the BDT Blocked Sewer Detector is a wireless device that can be installed in most drains and sewers to provide an early warning of a blockage to a sites BMS or Alarm system via a Gateway or audible receiver such as the companies Sewer Sentinel. The BDT is proven and has won numerous industry awards and has a battery life of typically 10-years.  The unit is supplied complete with sealed for life battery pack, stainless steel mounting bracket and complies with the ATEX directive.


Wireless High Sump/Sewer Alarm

The perfect upgrade for pump chambers and sumps requiring monitoring. This wireless Simple to install in most drains, sewers and pump chambers to provide an early warning of high levels / faults to a sites BMS or Alarm system via a Gateway or audible receiver such as the companies Sewer Sentinel. The FST as it is called has a battery life of typically 10-years and is available with ATEX approval.

Wireless Bubble Stack Blockage Monitor

A recent innovation that is already in service with the NHS Scotland for detecting blockages in lateral small-bore waste pipes in particular those associated with urinals. The unit is available for battery or mains operation and can either be interfaced directly to a local BMS system or a remote one via a wireless Gateway.

Wireless Stack Blockage Monitor

A innovation in service with the NHS England for detecting blockages in both vertical and horizontal stacks that overcomes the monitoring challenges creating to scaling.

The units are suppled as a 3-part kit, comprising of a stack adapter, wireless blockage detector and a gateway or sentinel receiver.