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Franke health care range…

Specifying the correct sanitaryware and hand washing facilities for hospitals is a complex, detailed and important decision making process. With years of experience within health care environments we can offer the support and advice to get the best outcome for your hospital project.

The range spans across visitor and patient washrooms, janitorial and disposal units, nurses hand wash facilities, and surgeons scrub up troughs. All Franke products are designed with hygiene in mind and are manufactured using the most appropriate materials and methods to keep performing for years to come.

From hospitals To GP practices…

Our healthcare products are suitable for all types of establishments, from Hospitals, GP Practices, Health Clinics and Care Homes. You’ll get years of use from Franke products and there are standard bespoke offerings to suit any project.

Visitor & patient washrooms…

For health care facilities the look, feel and usability of the products can be key. The Miranit composite basins and troughs are molded in one piece with a non porous finish so there are no seams or joints for germs to collect. Franke’s new Planox range of troughs are made from stainless steel and have been seamlessly welded with a tapered bottom to aid the water flow to the central waste. The new Premium DocM Packs with Miranit basins, promote accessibility, usability and style. For more information visit

Hand wash facilities for healthcare professionals…

With compact wall hung hand wash basins, sit on sinks and scrub up troughs designed to meet the Health Building Note (HBN) 00-10, Part C standards, there is a hand wash solution for all areas and situations including hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes. This range is primarily made from high quality grade 304 stainless steel, with a range of sinks manufactured in 316 stainless steel which is ideal for areas where chemicals are used. Other items can be manufactured in 316 stainless steel on request.

Hygienically sensitive areas in hospitals and other medical facilities require extra attention during planning and design, with functionality, material selection and ease of cleaning being extremely important. Franke has designed a range of VariusMed basins designed to fulfil these requirements.

Manufactured from Miranit resin bonded mineral material, which is seamlessly moulded and pore-free, the VariusMed SU and MP offer an easy-to-clean and practical solution whilst ensuring optimum hygiene. Fully coated with a high gloss gelcoat, the hygienically smooth surface effectively counteracts the adhesion of bacteria and micro-organisms.

The VariusMed range has been designed so that both bowl shapes and surfaces are designed to keep hygiene to a maximum. The VariusMed SU scrub up trough has been designed for medical and surgical facilities. This bowl has an ergonomic shape which includes a large inside radii, with a slight rearward slant to prevent water from dripping off the basin on to other surfaces. The VariusMed MP multi-purpose basins are ideal for medical facilities, the front splash-guard edge which spans across the entire width prevents water from dripping on to other surfaces.