Maximum visibility to ‘total blackout’

IVision from Intastop is an innovative manual vision panel that the company says ‘allows greater than 90% visibility, double what is currently available, with total blackout’.

Said to be ‘ideally suited to healthcare establishments and other public buildings where privacy and safety are of paramount importance’, the panel provides ‘almost perfect visibility’ when open, yet when closed offers ‘total blackout’. 

The IVision is manually operated, with no wiring or mains power required, and benefits from an interchangeable key which can operate many devices, including Intastop’s Removable Doorstop. It also has an omni-directional operator design; the manufacturer says user ease and comfort were strongly considered during the design process. 

Intastop added: “The vision panel has also passed all rigorous tests, including FD30 & FD60 to BS476 Parts 20 & 22, and the Cycle Test to over 250,000 cycles.” 

Offered in a frameless design, the IVision is available in rectangular 254 x 804 mm, 254 x 404 mm or square 404 x 404 mm sizes, or as a bespoke size.



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