Flush-to-ceiling ‘bespoke’ UCVs

Interfurn claims to offer ‘the only bespoke flush-to-ceiling ultraclean ventilation canopy designed to individual requirements offering a choice of high or low level recirculation’.

It said: “We can offer more floor to ceiling height in your theatre, and work around small ceiling void space and obstructions above the false ceiling – so that even under lower ceiling heights, operating lights, pendants, and imaging equipment, can be used to their maximum potential. We don’t just offer traditional square canopy options either; instead we design the size and shape around the user’s requirements.” 

Interfurn offers CG screens, which it says ‘tests and studies have shown to offer improved performance, due to the ability to minimise air turbulence’. The company explained: “CG screens are translucent, and the theatre lights can be mounted above them, which allows more shadow free light directly over the surgical area. The light is dimmable, and can also be coloured, enable the introduction of green light into the surgical area, and alleviating eye strain.”




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