Wall-mounted water monitoring system

Water quality monitoring expert, Hevasure, has launched a new compact, wall-mounted version of what it claims is its ‘industry-leading’ water monitoring system, ‘providing easy installation in a wider variety of locations’. All hardware, including sensors and data acquisition system, is enclosed in a high quality, dust-proof steel casing. The new unit also includes optional UPS battery back-up, which can provide power for up to 48 hours if there is a loss of mains electricity.

Hevasure says its monitoring technology enables continuous measurements to be made on important aspects of a closed circuit heating or chilled water system, ‘to quickly identify adverse conditions and prevent corrosion damage’. Data can be transmitted to any internet- enabled device, allowing real-time information regarding water system condition to be accessible in any location. Alerts are issued if checked parameters – such as dissolved oxygen, pressure, conductivity and pH – exceed critical levels, ensuring that both engineering integrity and water quality are maintained, and ‘significantly reducing the risk of corrosion and preserving HVAC system efficiency’.

The complete monitoring system comprises high quality digital sensors, data acquisition and touchscreen display, backed-up by the latest monitoring software, all contained within a metal, glass-fronted enclosure. Where mobile phone signals are not available the data acquisition system comes with ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.

Steve Munn, MD for Hevasure said: “Creating a wall-mounted version of our monitoring technology comes following requests from clients. The free-standing version is still available, but for many applications the option to fix the Hevasure unit direct to a wall is a far more practical solution.”