Specialist multi-vendor ultrasound service launched

Canon Medical Systems UK and specialist, independent ultrasound service provider, Imagex Medical, say a new multi-vendor service partnership they have launched in the UK will provide cost, operational, and administrative benefits to both NHS and independent hospitals by streamlining productivity in the way that maintenance and repairs are undertaken on frontline diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems.

Canon Medical Systems UK explained: “Instead of 2-4 different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) visiting hospital departments at different times to service systems or undertake repairs, one specialist engineer trained across many different OEM systems can undertake all the servicing.” The two companies say the service will deliver time, administrative, and cost savings for EBME and healthcare estates and facilities departments managing such equipment’s maintenance, and minimise impact on the associated clinical departments of radiology, obstetrics, and cardiology that experience equipment downtime while planned or unexpected ultrasound repairs are undertaken. The back office administrative burden of dealing with multiple vendor reviews, contracts, and invoices generated by procurement or finance teams, will also be reduced by simplifying equipment maintenance to one specialist organisation.

Jeff Norrie, chief technician, Medical Engineering Department, at Good Hope Hospital, part of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust said: “We have 45 ultrasound systems at Good Hope Hospital serving a patient catchment population of 450,000. Smooth maintenance and servicing are essential to good service audit trails, and ensuring that equipment health is kept at an optimum level to meet increasing clinical demands.”