Symposia integrated operating theatre with Entoli 4K

Nowadays, increasing demands for technological innovation and precision have given rise to interoperability in operating rooms. However, communication limitations between surgeons and surgical team members, especially during surgery, can in some instances hinder operating room performance.

Brandon Medical says its collaboration with Entoli brings to the market a British medical audio/video solution that harnesses ‘a stable and proven technology’. Entoli was created by a team that includes medical installation professionals, professors of surgery, audio-visual integrators, and agile software developers.

Entoli Medical Control is an operating room control platform that provides clinicians with quick and easy set-up before procedures, using a simple touch interface for control during surgery. Entoli ‘brings simplicity to complex technology’, with an upgradeable ‘choose what you need’ model – via which an Entoli-integrated operating theatre can have features rapidly added as the need arises, an especially valuable feature for hybrid operating rooms.

Handling ‘massive’ 4K images and video

Traditional operating rooms require multiple machines to capture and generate information for surgeons to interpret. Brandon said: “However, while the majority of modern medical equipment can ‘grab’ high-resolution images, the difficulty is effectively managing the 4K data source, and, in particular, processing the associated 10-20 gigabit data stream. Even minimal surgery requires the video to be zero latency and zero compression. Furthermore, under high pressure and emergency conditions, the Medical Controller must be able to guarantee that the surgeon can quickly and easily drive those images through the various OR interfaces.

Zero latency 4K transformation with easy-to-use Surface

Surgeons can efficiently operate and enhance their visualisation capabilities with the help of 10G per minute transmission tech, near-zero-latency, 4K ultra-high-definition for video and images. This is a means of improving the safety and medical quality of minimally invasive surgery, and making long-distance surgery training possible.

Flexibly meeting different requirements

The hardware included with the Symposia medical audio-video system meets the demand for standard requirements, and, Brandon says, is also ‘future-proofed’. It offers built-in flexibility, with the ability to be extended and adapted according to the differences in information requirements of different hospitals and physicians. 

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