Integral blinds – the ideal shading and privacy solution for healthcare

Visitors to the Morley Glass stand (G26) will have the opportunity to see why integral blinds – fitted inside the cavity of a double glazed unit – ‘provide the most effective way to balance patient and staff privacy with the need for observation, while at the same time being hygienic, fire-rated, and virtually free of cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Morley Glass – one of the UK’s leading integral blind manufacturers –  will be displaying a range of its shading and privacy systems for public and commercial environments. These offer architects, Estates & Facilities managers, and Development directors, the products they need to optimise whole-life costs without compromising key safety and operational goals.

On show will be the latest addition to the range, the new ScreenView system. This is reportedly  ideally suited to hospital and medical school door vision panels, given the ease with which users can switch between privacy and observational needs at different times of the day.

Being permanently sealed within the glass unit, the ScreenView blind is never exposed to dirt or germs, so it stays pristine over its lifespan without any cleaning. As an additional safeguard, the blind’s control mechanism is protected with a Sanitized antimicrobial coating to help with infection control.

The blind works by using two layers of wide slats arranged in a ladder style, which move up and down to provide an open view for observation or complete closure. Every unit is made to order by Morley Glass at its Leeds factory, with what are said to be the industry’s most competitive lead times, to help keep contracts and build schedules on track.

Safety is optimised further when ScreenView is coupled with certified fire rated glass in insulated glass units. One of the benefits of specifying integral blinds from Morley Glass is having the flexibility to choose from different types of glass to meet different performance goals, and that includes enhanced fire resistance through the company’s partnership with Pyroguard. This means ScreenView blinds can be specified to provide passive fire protection, with assured performance of 30, 60, or 120 minutes, depending on the building requirements. Morley Glass said: “It all adds up to a privacy and shading system that is hygienic, practical, and fully compatible with designs in line with Approved Document B in England & Wales, as well as the equivalent regulations in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Another ‘ideal solution’ for healthcare environments from Morley Glass is the P System – a Venetian integral blind that can be operated via a choice of externally mounted operating knobs, including anti-ligature knobs, to ensure the safety of vulnerable people, and can be specified with dual side operation.

All the Morley Glass Venetian and pleated blind options are built into the glass unit during its manufacture, making use of the cavity to incorporate superior quality ScreenLine blind systems from the global pioneer of this technology, Pellini. “By doing so,” Morley Glass explains, “all the blind’s main components – including the headrail – are all sealed within the glass, which is why they can never become damaged or attract dirt.

Picture shows:

The ScreenView integral blind system from Morley Glass, which will be unveiled at Healthcare Estates 2022.


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