Drug temperature and humidity monitoring from anywhere

Signatrol says the new the Cadmus Wi-Fi-enabled battery-powered temperature data logger, together with Signatrol’s high security Ratifi-Cloud software, enable hospitals to remotely monitor drug temperature and relative humidity, and securely switch status requirements, from anywhere in the world, without the need for hard wiring.

‘Ideal for pharmaceutical storage or vaccine temperature storage and distribution’, the easy-to-use Cadmus Wi-Fi temperature data logger will take a temperature reading every minute and automatically upload to the Ratifi-Cloud server for remote access.  Cadmus will alarm or provide alerts should temperatures go too high or too low, and is available with two probes if required. Cadmus is WPA2-Enterprise enabled – the ‘gold standard’ for wireless network security. Signatrol has already been approved and had ports issued on the NHS and social care network for the Cadmus data logger.

Compliant with BS EN12830:2018 Class 0.2, the Cadmus device comes with a range of temperature and humidity options offering up to six channels. Signatrol said: “It is intuitive and simple to use, and fully programmable over a user’s Wi-Fi-fi network in a few minutes. The device is configured using an administrator/user model whereby the administrator is in full control of the system, and manages the users.”

Once set up, the Cadmus device can be located anywhere within a Wi-Fi network. All the data recorded is then sent to the Ratifi-Cloud, and the data can be accessed by any authorised person using any internet browser via a computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere in the world. A secure inviolate log of all actions, together with their time and end date, is maintained, and available for audit purposes.

The Cadmus device can be programmed with up to four alarms per channel. Alarm options include email alerts and local audible alarm. Additional alarms include low battery, re-calibration due and over-due, loss of internet / late alarm. Alarms and alerts can be easily configured remotely and instantly via the Ratifi-Cloud.



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