Solar car park to deliver 1,000 MWh of electricity annually

Eastbourne District General Hospital (EDGH) has installed a new solar car park (SCP) and according to Veolia – which has worked with specialist, 3ti Solar Car Parks to create it – is the UK’s first hospital ‘to take this significant step’.

Veolia says the installation will produce 1,000 MWh of solar-generated electricity annually, and lower CO2 emissions by 222 tonnes in the first year.  The solar array comprises over 2,412 solar panels across eight canopies covering 400 car parking spaces. The new SCP also includes 10 solar-powered EV charge points for staff use. By covering the car parking areas the solar canopies also provide shelter from the elements, and give enhanced security in the form of overhead lighting.

The SCP is part of the £27 m energy management contract with Veolia to upgrade Eastbourne District General Hospital, and deliver wide-ranging energy upgrades and target carbon savings of 4,129 tonnes per year. Veolia said: “With funding provided through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme for affordable, low-carbon energy efficiency upgrades across the public sector, the scheme is one of the first to take a whole building approach that accounts for how facilities and the energy delivery systems interact with each other, while maintaining an indoor environment that enhances patient care. “

Chris Hodgson, director of Estates and Facilities at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, said:

“The new solar array’s completion is another significant step on our journey to Net Zero. The solar farm, alongside other improvements – including new insulation and heat pumps – at Eastbourne DGH will significantly reduce energy use across the site.”

Tim Evans, founder & CEO at 3ti, added: “This project is a win-win for all parties: the SCP provides low-cost and low-carbon electricity for the hospital, car park users benefit from the cover and lighting provided by the canopies, and staff with EVs can charge their cars while at work. EDGH has proven how simple it can be for organisations to transform car parks into a renewable energy source and leave something better behind for future generations.”

Veolia has worked with Eastbourne DGH since 2009. It currently provides energy and facilities management to over 100 hospitals in the UK.



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