Respiratory support unit at Orpington hospital

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in collaboration with Floyd Slaski Architects, is leading the development of a new respiratory support unit (RSU) at Princess Royal University Hospital in Farnborough Common near Orpington in Kent, particularly in Outpatients E, G&A Ward.

The project includes the provision of 12 RSU bed bays, complemented by essential supporting facilities. “Patients, and especially those with degenerative conditions like dementia, will also benefit significantly from colour-coded environments, the architects say. Floyd Slaski said: “By assigning contrasting colours in bed bays, bedroom corridor walls, and surrounding areas, the hospital provides visual cues that aid patients in recognising and identifying their location within the unit. This reduces confusion and anxiety, contributing to a more comfortable and supportive care environment.”

The architects continued: “Colours are assigned to various functions of the hospital, including bed bays, corridors, and supporting facilities. This aids patients, visitors, and staff in navigating the complex healthcare environment more easily. For instance, specific colours can guide individuals within Outpatients E, G&A Ward, through essential areas within the RSU.”

‘In line with this commitment to innovation’, the hospital incorporates Dräger pendants strategically throughout the RSU project, ‘leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care’. Floyd Slaski added: “Additionally, the Trust has recognised the importance of prioritising the needs of healthcare workers, providing them with high standard amenities such as a rest room, a regen kitchen, a changing area, and an interview room.”





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