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Static Systems Group (SSG) is synonymous with healthcare communications. For almost 60 years our name and reputation have been trusted widely among professionals in the acute and mental health sectors. We specialise in providing ‘wired’ and ‘wireless’ advanced nurse call, staff attack alarm, fire protection systems and bedhead services trunking - all supported by our enterprise-wide healthcare communications platform that brings together an entire care team, seamlessly around the patient.

Our solutions are innovative and market-leading; helping to keep patients and staff safe, and to empower care teams.


SSG has systems installed in the majority of UK hospitals and many overseas enterprises. Our current healthcare product portfolio comprises:-

Communications Integration

  • The Fusion Healthcare Platform
  • Lnx™ - wireless connectivity interface solution

Advanced Nurse Call and Attack Alarm

  • Ultima™ - PoE wired solution
  • Codemlon™ - IP based wired solution
  • Aspire SmartSync® - IP based wireless solution

Fire Protection and Alarm Systems

  • Evo2
  • Evo600

Bedhead Services Trunking

  • Vistr Headwall® - vertical medical trunking
  • Modus™ - vertical medical trunking
  • Modus™ - horizontal medical trunking
  • Inseta® Headwall - vertical medical trunking
  • Ventura™ - horizontal medical trunking

We commit to supporting our clients long-term, providing:-

  • In-house product development and manufacture
  • Project management
  • Installation, testing & commissioning
  • After-sales service and support
  • User and system training
  • Full system and product compliance with relevant standards
  • Legacy system upgrade paths to meet changes in cultural practices, standards and supply chain component availability
  • Close collaboration with industry suppliers and healthcare professionals



Visit our Design & Innovation Centre incorporating the P22+ Repeatable Room and Innovation Ward

Our vision is that our Design & Innovation Centre, based at our head office near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, can be used by the wider industry to test, trial and develop innovative solutions and conceptual ideas.

Central to this vision is the Innovation Ward, which aims to showcase future healthcare technology and innovation and foster greater industry collaboration in ward design. We want to encourage closer collaborative working among equipment suppliers and specialists, nursing management teams, clinicians, patient representatives, healthcare planners, design groups, constructors and other interested parties to enable the ongoing provision and delivery of world-class buildings and facilities and help improve healthcare outcomes for all.

It isn’t easy to test new technologies or processes in a live ward scenario and that’s where our facility comes into its own. It enables healthcare professionals to test these things in a safe and controlled environment, and to shape future ward design that addresses the core goals of patient safety, patient experience, workflow and task management.

We encourage healthcare representatives to share their ward design challenges or futuristic ideas so that these can be explored further in the Design & Innovation Centre. We also make the facility available as a venue for industry workshops and seminars. To find out more please email: [email protected] or call SSG’s head office on: 01902 895 551.

SSG’s Design & Innovation Centre is backed by support, investment and the provision of technology from a number of leading industry suppliers including: Tarkett Flooring, Armitage Shanks, Rockfon Ceilings, Thorlux Lighting, Akzo Nobel and KwickScreen. During its development SSG also consulted with a number of organisations and industry representatives including healthcare planners, nursing managers, architects and construction teams, and key industry bodies.


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