DELABIE launches new threaded shower head filter

DELABIE has extended its range of BIOFIL terminal filters with a new single use anti-bacterial shower head which attaches directly to the shower hose. As with all the BIOFIL filters, this shower head secures the water quality at the point-of-use, protecting the user against waterborne infection.

This new shower head has a threaded tail which screws directly into any flexible hose, without the need for a push-fit connector. Available in both sterile and non-sterile versions, it complements the existing range of BIOFIL antibacterial shower heads, cartridges and spout filters (the only ones available on the market). The spouts are also available in sterile and non-sterile versions and can be fitted to all DELABIE’s mixers with removable BIOCLIP spouts.

All DELABIE’s filters have a maximum lifespan of 62 days. They have been subjected to the bacterial retention test in accordance with ASTM F838, and have a sterilising grade of 0.1μm absolute-rated. They will also withstand chemical and thermal shocks.

Fully WRAS approved, DELABIE’s new anti-bacterial BIOFIL shower head filters provide peace of mind if bacterial analysis identifies an outbreak. Featuring innovative, hollow-fibre membrane technology to micro-filter the water, the BIOFIL filters accommodate increased volumes of water. Although compact, they have a large filtration surface with better resistance to clogging.