Effective disinfection of sensitive areas

MAT FM can now offer hydrogen peroxide decontamination of operating theatres, recovery areas, critical care, sterile services, aseptic suites, cleanrooms, and containment laboratories. The process can be undertaken by MAT’s trained service engineers prior to handover of a completed new-build or refurbishment project, as part of a regular periodic maintenance proposition, or as an emergency call-out. The system reportedly kills ‘at least 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mould, and offers outstanding support to any infection prevention and hygiene regime’.

MAT FM says the delivery system for the hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) used in its process ‘reaches areas where traditional cleaning methods cannot, providing thorough and effective disinfection’. It said: “It is non-corrosive, and thus safe for use on electronic devices and equipment, and can be used on all material types, with no special preparation required before an area is vacated for decontamination. The system is also suitable for a positive pressure environment. These attributes make it ideal for the sensitive areas such as ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopies, operating lights, delicate endoscopic or monitoring equipment, safety cabinets, and high-powered microscopes.”

The system is touchless; while wiping spreads contamination from surface to surface, the technology works on a ‘spray and walk away’ basis. The ‘environmentally friendly’ decontamination method uses stabilised hydrogen peroxide (H202) and Silver (Ag), which break down into simple, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic water and oxygen. The hydrogen peroxide vapour is delivered via fogging for total area disinfection, or as a spray for surface disinfection. MAT FM added: “An oxidising agent, it destroys bacterial cell walls by stealing their electrons, and then leaves a safe, undetectable layer of silver ions on surfaces to prevent future contamination.”

Key benefits include:

  • Effectiveness – ‘always kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens (4-log kill)’.
  • Achieves 99.999% kill on C.difficile and Geobacillus (6-log kill).
  • Quick: takes only a few minutes to treat a standard area.
  • Easy: can be undertaken with minimal disruption.
  • Versatile: suitable for many areas and any surface.
  • Efficient: treatment is delivered in just one application.
  • Non-toxic: non-allergenic, and poses no risk to humans, animals, plants, or the environment.
  • ‘Cost-effective: costs less than many traditional methods’.

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